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Neighborhood Housing Services of Jamaica are the new sponsors of The South Jamaica Multi Service Center

Neighborhood Housing Services of Jamaica, Inc. (NHSJ) is the community sponsor and property manager for the South Jamaica Multi-Service Center. The South Jamaica Multi-Service Center that includes the following programs: Head Start; A Community Health Center provided by Queens Hospital Health Center including: OB/GYN services, Family Planning, Teen Clinic, Adolescent Medicine, WIC (Women, Infant & Children)-Program; Geriatric services; Housing counseling services including: Homeowner Rehabilitations services and Handyman Certification services in partnership with York College of the City University of New York; Case Management Services and Affordable Living assistance. The key services cover a wide variety of needs that address physical needs for food, shelter and clothing; emotional, mental health and economic (work participation) needs. South Jamaica Multi-Service Center

Property Management
As property managers NHSJ has in place preventative measures as a management tool to avoid when possible unnecessary exposure to risk in the day to day operation of the property.


NHSJ's overarching focus of hurricane relief activities is centered on counseling, advocacy, and Legal Assistance. NHSJ has partnered with volunteers, community providers, and government to access and provide resources to individuals and communities, helping them navigate systems and advocate for benefits to help those impacted move through their distress as quickly as possible.


These are some of the issues that Homeowners Affected by the Sandy Storm have encountered. We Can Help!


Stop in for our Wednesday Sandy Sessions Between 11:00 am to 1:00 pm Ask about our Youth Program

(Training Opportunities for Teens and Young Adults)

Located at: 89-70 162nd Street Jamaica, NY 11432
Located at: 1526 Central Ave., Far Rockaway, NY 11691
Tel: (718) 291-7400 Fax: (718) 298-6505

Neighborhood Housing Services of Jamaica works with a wide range of Lenders to provide you with the most affordable loans based on your individual situation. Also to help with special-needs financing loans. The friendly staff at Neighborhood Housing Services of Jamaica is committed to helping people "Borrow Smart." That means we will take the time to learn about your financial situation, your dreams and goals, and offer you expert advice. Whether you're looking to Purchase, Refinance, Consolidate Debt or Reverse Mortgage, we have the experience to save you money.
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Homeownership Educational workshop program offers seminars, home buyers clubs and community presentations, NHSJ educated more than 18,000 residents on the home buying process. These workshops and sessions provide information on predatory lending and foreclosure prevention and information on how to access affordable products and services.
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Foreclosure Aid Available, Just Ask
The phones never rest at Neighborhood Housing Services of Jamaica. The HUD-certified nonprofit has seen a significant jump in homeowners trying to keep a roof over their heads.

Handyman Certificate Program We are introducing a handyman program to tailor the needs of those wanting to learn the fundamentals of the various trades. The program is taught through a combination of on-the-job training and related classroom instruction. Students will build confidence with the material and tools commonly used through a mix of theory and practical experience.

Childhood Lead Poisoning has been identified as the #1 child health risk in the United States, reducing IQ and causing a host of other permanent, serious health effects. Adults also can suffer ill effects from exposure to lead resulting in a myriad of health issues, affecting their quality of life.